In order to build a biosensor, where does one start?

With a team consisting of students from many different scientific fields, the first task of the project was to establish a basic knowledge of what a biosensor actually is and how it operates. By sharing knowledge within the team, and studying the field closer individually, the fundamentals soon became clear and the literature studies connected to the development of a novel biosensor could begin. The aim of the studies was to find viable techniques, which at a first glance fulfilled the requirements of the new biosensor the team had received from the SensUs Organization. The molecule to be detected by the sensor this year was a drug used for treatment of rheumatism, namely adalimumab. By providing the ability to measure the concentration of this drug during treatment in a clinic, the dosage could be customized for each patient. This could lead to more efficient treatments — both with regards to the health of the patient, as well as for economical and environmental reasons.

This text has been written by Anna Eliasson, Uppsala University team member of SensUs 2019.


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