The UppSense team 2021 would like to extend its gratitude to all of our valuable sponsors, BrightComSol, Dyenamo, Ibsen Photonics, LigandTracer, Magic Bioprocessing and Zimmer & Peacock. Our partnership with the aforementioned companies has been proven more than helpful for us and the process of developing and testing our biosensor. We would like to thank you, not only for your generosity, providing us with the materials we needed, but also for your willingness and eagerness to grant us with any help we have asked for. Thank you for your valuable and cherished guidance throughout our journey of developing our biosensor. We hope and believe that this partnership will not only benefit us, but also each and every one of you. Thank you for taking out the time for investing in our project, understanding our purpose and for being able to sponsor us!

  1. BrightComSol  

A company dedicated in producing efficient and highly stable light emitting perovskite quantum dot nanomaterials. One can choose from a wide variety of products, which are also stable regarding environmental degradation, providing us with long-lasting products.

We would like to thank BrightComSol, especially Dr. Behzad Shirmardi and Dr. Viktor Öberg who have been giving us consulting support in the development of the magnetic beads of our device.

You can find more information on their website at:

2. Dyenamo

Dyenamo offers high-quality materials and expertise in the fields of dye-sensitized solar cells, perovskite solar cells and solar fuels. A company with only goal to provide the best possible solutions for academic and industrial purposes and that’s why they always handle custom-made orders regarding their products.

We would like to thank Dyenamo, with special remark to Dr. Gerrit Boschloo who made it possible for us to get a high-value product. He provided us with the dyes D35 and F15, which are already employed chromophores in the field of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, and now we are giving the chance to these systems to be proven in a totally different discipline, which is biosensing. These dyes will be used in a different application method, since they will bind to antibodies. For that purpose, they need to be adapted by our synthesis experts with the support of Dr. Máté Erdélyi and the PhD Zackary Ashworth, both from Uppsala University, as well as Dr. Gerrit Boschloo. Additionally, Dr. Gerrit Boschloo is supporting us with a fluorometer for the study of the fluorescence of these dyes. You can find more information on their website at:

3. Ibsen Photonics

Their goal is to assist their customers in executing their research quickly, smoothly and successfully. They are committed to finding solutions in your problems and to building long-term relationships with their customers. Ibsen Photonics does that by providing their customers with high-quality transmission diffraction gratings and grating based spectrometer modules.

We would like to thank Ibsen Photonics, with special mention to Thomas Rasmussen who has provided us with the PEBBLE spectrometer that enable us to include it in our biosensor, since its size is perfect for a point-of-care application. Apart from granting us with the spectrometer itself, we would also like to thank Ibsen Photonics for keeping in touch with us and for inviting us to their online webinars about basics in fluorescence spectroscopy.

You can find more information on their website at:

4. RidgeView/LigandTracer

A company that offers equipment and software for studying biological interactions in real-time. Their aim is for their customers to improve their research assays and methods. They achieve that by providing them with reliable products, easy-to-use with few steps and low running costs.

We would like to thank RidgeView – LigandTracer with special mention to Jos Buijs and Guillermo Perez who gave us consulting support for the development of the pristine ideas in our optical device and helped us approach Kristofer Eriksson from Magic Bioprocessing and their great Magnetic Beads.

You can find more information on their website at:

5. Magic Bioprocessing

Magic Bioprocessing develops magnetic-based products and methods for bioprocessing of biologics such as recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors and cells, with only goal to provide the science field with high-value products to improve competence and decrease production cost.

We would like to thank Magic Bioprocessing with special mention to Kristofer Eriksson who provided us with their protein A/ agarose coated magnetic beads. These magnetic nanoparticles are coated with a potentially insulating material which ensures us that our conjugated system will not affect the performance of our chromophores.

You can find more information on their website at:

6. Zimmer and Peacock

A company that provides its customers with a wide range of products related to electrochemical sensors, biosensors, medical diagnostics and in-vitro diagnostics. Their aim is not only to administer their products, but also to innovate around their collaborators inventions and help bring their ideas to market.

We would like to thank Zimmer & Peacock, with a special mention to Martin Peacock for the generous administration of hyper value screen printed electrodes, 3D printed microfluidics, and adhesives for prototyping our electrochemical biosensor. Additionally, we thank Martin for his technical advice on our design which helped us save a lot of time in the lab. Lastly, the ZP knowledge base helped us understand fairly complex electrochemistry/bio-sensing concepts in simple ways.

You can find more information on their website at:

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