SenseUpp  is the name of the Uppsala University SensUs team that participated in the competition of 2016.

2016: SensUpp team


Aim of SensUs 2016:

The goal of SensUs 2016 is that teams of students develop and demonstrate new biosensors. The biosensors measure the molecule creatinine in blood plasma.
Why is creatinine an important molecule? What does it tell about body function? This article explains what kidneys do, what happens when they fail to function properly, and why creatinine is a very useful molecule to measure in a biosensor (text taken from

You can find more information about the competition of 2016 here: SensUs Archive 2016 

And here you can find more information about the SensUpp team:


Participants of SensUpp:

Andreas Röckert, Ao Gao, Camille Ridde, Candice Gautier, Clara Quijano Rubio, Mauro Miguel Masiero, Mindaugas Pauzuolis, Miriam Wahlhuetter, Pedro Garcia and Silvia Vicenzi.

SenseUpp sponsors
in 2016:

We would like to thank all our sponsors. Without them our work would not be possible to continue.

SenseUpp sponsors in 2016