UppSense team at the competition in 2017

is the name of the Uppsala University SensUs team that participated in the competition of 2017.

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Let’s beat heart failure:

Heart failure (HF) is a very important public health problem in both developed and developing countries with a prevalence of about 1% of the population.

This year SensUs features NT-proBNP as its target molecule, which is a key biomarker for heart failure. But what is NT-proBNP and why is it important? And how does NT-proBNP relate to heart failure?
This page explains how the heart functions, what happens when it fails to function, and why NT-proBNP is a very useful molecule to measure with a small and rapid biosensor (text taken from www.SensUs.org).

You can find more information about the competition of 2017 here: SensUs Archive 2017

And here you can find more information about the UppSense team:  SensUs.org/UppSense.

Participants of UppSense:

Aida Hoshiar, Anna Blasi, Elmar van Rijnswou, Hanzhao Zhang, Lei Linlin, Maximilian Stiefel and Ruth Rachita.


Images of 2017:

UppSense sponsors
in 2017:

We would like to thank all our sponsors. Without them our work would not be possible to continue.

UppSense sponsors in 2017