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SensUs ( is a yearly international student competition that aims to involve students, industry and academia to accelerate the development of sensors for health.

Uppsala University is recruiting BSc and MSc students from different disciplines (physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, pharmaceutics, medicine, etc.) to join the team.

Next SensUs edition will start in October 2019 and will culminate with the actual contest in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) in September 2020.


What is SensUs Uppsala?

We are a team of students representing Uppsala University in the SensUs competition. SensUs is an international student competition that takes place each year in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. There, each student team present their own molecular biosensors for healthcare applications.


What is the theme for 2020?

This year we are challenged to build a biosensor able to quantify an anti-epileptic drug. The importance of monitoring one of the drugs given to people suffering from epilepsy is huge, for two main reasons: 

  1. Often there is a non-linear relation between the administered dose and the blood drug concentration
  2. There is a high inter-individual variability

The theme announcement video can be watched below:

Theme SensUs 2020: Epilepsy

Curious about next years theme? Watch the theme announcement video below!

Gepostet von SensUs Student Competition am Freitag, 30. August 2019


Why should I be part of the team?

Being part of the SensUs competition represents being part of something bigger: 16 universities all around the world will be working towards the same goal!

At Uppsala University, you will be exposed to a real research environment, both in the lab and by having discussions with PhD students, researchers and professors working in different fields. You will also have the chance to discuss the project with companies in the Uppsala-Stockholm area.

On top of getting practical and theoretical knowledge, you will also be working with a multidisciplinary group of students fighting towards the same goal.

Last but not least… we hope you will have lots of fun!


Can I fit SensUs in my schedule?

Defenitively! SensUs is planned as a 15 hp course called “Innovation of Molecular Biosensors” (course code: 3MG049). The syllabus of the course can be downloaded here:

The basic schedule consists on seminars on Mondays over lunch (12.15-13h) and on Thursday in the evening (17.15-19h). We will also have seminars and other activities (17.15-19h) once a month. On top of that you might need to do some extra reading/thinking at home, or at the University or a bar with other team members. 

 More details can be found in the PDF below:

Follow this link to get more information about the course.

For how long should I engage?



The team will work together from November 2019 until September 2020, when the actual contest takes place in The Netherlands.

During this period of time the engagement might vary, but you should count on an average of 25% for these 10 months (with the intensity increasing during the summer up to 50-75%).


How can I apply?

Send your CV to our e-mail address:

DEADLINE: October 10th 2019 at 17th



I would like to know a bit more…

Download the PDF below to see some slides that will give you an overview of SensUs 2020.

Would you like to solve your doubts personally with us?

Come to one of the informative meetings we will organise! You can find more details in the News section. Looking forward to meet you!

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For more information, read more on the official SensUs page: