AdUp Sense Team for SensUs 2019

Hi everyone!

We are at the very beginning of a new semester at Uppsala University, and a new year calls for a new team of students to represent the university during this year’s international student competition on biosensors for health – SensUs 2019.

It is with great pride and excitement that we now officially present the name and logo of this year’s Uppsala SensUs-team, as we now are taking the step from plans and ideas to laboratory action.

We are looking forward to this scientific journey that our team is about to embark on, and we will make sure to share the full story with you through our channels in social media. We are well aware that the road of scientific research is paved with obstacles and trials, but we are eager to take on that challenge – watch up for AdUp Sense!

Group Dynamics

As working in a team can be challenging, we had a special lecture on the topic by Svante Axelsson this week. He gave us great tips that will help our team be more positive and productive.

Do you want to be part of SensUs 2019?

Are you enrolled in a BSc or MSc program and looking for a challenging experience? Join SensUs 2019 and help us to make a difference!

To apply, send us your CV and a few lines about why do you want to be part of SensUs 2019 (our e-mail:

DEADLINE: October 1st!

For any question, just drop us an e-mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

SensUs 2019!!!

We are excited to announce to you the biological molecule of interest for SensUs 2019 competition!

This years molecule for detection will be Etanercept.

Etanercept is a fusion protein that is found in the body after breakdown of the pharmaceutical drug necessary to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) or Rheumatic disease. It works by inhibiting TNF-alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha), which is a key regulator in inflammatory immune response.

Rheumatoid arthritis is currently stated to affect over 120 million people (at least a quarter of a million people) on World Arthritis Day. It is a painful autoimmune disease causing inflammation and joint pain.

Our goal for this upcoming year is to build a device that can help patients and providers better manage Rheumatoid Arthritis (along with other inflammatory autoimmune diseases). And help improve their quality of life.

Here  is a short video about it so you can learn more. We hope you will join us in the fight to help patients that are living with inflammatory autoimmune disease.

Second Competition Day 2018!


Well here we are at the last day of the competition!

It has been a fun experience with a lot of cool projects and nice people. It has also been really interesting to see what the other teams came up with and all the unique designs with alternative approaches.

It’s been an inspiring experience and we made lots of new friends.

Thank you SensUs Competition for a great time!

We are looking forward to next year and building a new device!

Hint: It has to do with inflammation…

First Competition Day 2018

We made it to the competition in Eindhoven with our Biosensor!

Our device made it in one piece, but our high pressure tubes may have been damaged in the process. We will test them again today and had our first results under actual testing conditions less than a week ago. Considering the last minute modifications to help cut costs and increase transportability we have really pulled something magical together. We are excited to present our device and show its unique design.

Don’t forget to watch us and vote today (Friday, September 7th) and tomorrow (Saturday, September 8th) starting at 13:00 (1 pm) both days at this link.

We are excited and happy to be here at SensUs Student Competition here in Eindhoven!

Stingdagen 2019

September means new students, and new students mean Stingdagen!

On September 1st morning (9-13h) at Ångströmlab, new students get the opportunity to see what is going on at UU-Technical side, in terms of courses, programs, competitions, etc.

We will be there to share our experiences and stories.

Don’t forget to stop by our table and to give us a visit.

Give us a visit at Stingdagen! 🙂

Progress Progress Progress

Today, we finally got the ADC running on the digital board from a SW point of view . We are using the TI … secret … until the competition. We are struggling with some address problems of the I2C, which caused some severe problems on the bus, that made the SW fail.

The housing also has been optimized for FDM manufacturing and now it worked out. We even have metal threads to be able to mount the lids tightly on the box.

New Housing Going to Be Sent into Production

The new housing is designed and is going to be sent into production. As we measure light intensity a high-sophisticated design to keep as much light from the surrounding away from the sensor is crucial for the project success.

The old housing got to small and also the plastic used was not sufficient to keep all the light out. In contrast to the old housing the new one takes advantage of screwed lids, which are sealed with o-rings from a local company (Dione in Uppsala). Moreover everything is supposed to be accessible easily since every side can be opened.