We are happy to announce that we will be holding our first informative meeting on Wednesday 18th September between 12.15 […]
Recruitment has started… keep your eyes open if you want to join the team, information meetings coming up soon!
We are proud of our team, who has performed a great job over the year. In the picture you can […]
The contest of this year is now over. It was tough for most of the teams as you can see […]
Curious about next years theme? Watch the theme announcement video below!
While you are welcome to stream the entire event, we wanted to point out exact times you can expect to […]
We wanted to give more details about the voting procedure. SensUs Digital visitors from all over the world can vote […]
So after being busy in the lab all day taking care of last things, we got home to pack our […]
So on Monday till 21:00, we were still in the lab making preparations for the contest and then packed up […]