Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a multifunctional protein that belongs to the IL-6 family which comprises of polypeptide cytokines characterized by a […]
The word Sepsis has its origin from the Greek word [σήψη], which means putrefaction. In sepsis, the pathogen-associated molecular pattern […]
Written by Klara Martinovic. Revised by: Maria Ines Berrojo Romeyro Mascarenhas and Georgia-Vasiliki Gkountana This week’s scientific corner continues the […]
Written by: Klara Martinovic Edited by: Maria Ines Berrojo Romeyro Mascarenhas In the scientific corner for this and next week, […]
Written by: Maria Ines Berrojo R.M., Georgia-Vasiliki Gkountana, Javier Sebastian, Ivanna Jovanovic The immune response is the set of phenomena […]
Written by Georgia Vasiliki Gkountana and Maria Ines Berrojo R.M. So, we keep hearing about biosensors, which have jumped in […]