Team Contributions

Kedar is one of the team captains and his contributions range from keeping track of deadlines, helping out in the lab and technical design. Without him, we would forget to submit reports, attend meetings and fail to organize ourselves.

Luís is the second team captain, and his main contributions include literature research, working in the lab and overseeing the general scientific development of the biosensor.

Without Triinu’s diligence and work ethic, we wouldn’t have anything resembling a biosensor. When experiments failed, she was already a step ahead, looking for solutions and new ideas to explore. Triinu also participated actively in managing social media accounts.

Likewise, Michael’s passion and lighthearted manner made all the hard work that much easier. His main contributions are literature research, lab work and bothering the right people for advice with our sensor development.

Esther and Adarsh’s contributions are mostly related to the business plan of our biosensor. Adarsh also helped with several technical aspects of our biosensor design and Esther contacted doctors for insight on the current treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. They helped us customize our biosensor for the right market and made our business plan a reality.

Weam and Fawad’s contributions are mostly related to the app development and its integration with the biosensor hardware, as well as general technical support. Without them, we would still be wondering how to turn the EmStat on and to connect it properly, let alone set up the Bluetooth.

Securing sponsorship from Merck would not have been possible without Therese, whose professionalism is beyond reproach. She also contributed to our team’s visibility on social media and other technical aspects. Most of all, she never failed to make us look good on any occasion.

Anna contributed with literature research and lab work, the AdUpSense logo design and other technical aspects of our project, as well as our team’s visibility on social media.

Duc’s enthusiasm ranges from contagious to mildly annoying, but all agree that without him we would still be wondering what the graphs in the PStrace software meant. His knowledge of electrochemistry aside, he also contributed to literature research and lab work.

Spandana contributed mostly with literature research, lab work, and biosensor design and in making this whole endeavor much more fun.