Hey, I am Kedar and one of the team captains of the team. I am from Mumbai, India studying embedded […]
Currently I am Masters student of Embedded Systems. I did my bachelor in Computer System. I worked on assistive devices, […]
Gemma Mestres has been coach of the Uppsala University team from the first edition in 2015-2016. She belongs to the […]
I am Embedded systems masters’ student with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I like to work with instrumentation […]
I come from Estonia, I did my B.Sc. in Germany and I am now studying M.Sc. Applied Biotechnology in Sweden. […]
I’m a 4th-year student of the master programme in chemical engineering with a passion for bio- and health technology. Personally, […]
I am from India and currently, I am studying masters in Industrial Management and Innovation. I completed my bachelors in […]
Hiii, I am a master student in Pharmaceutical Science with backgrounds in Biology and Biomedical tech. I have an interest […]
I am from Portugal and currently, I am studying for my master degree in Chemistry for Bio and Nano Materials […]
Hi! I am Mikael, a chemical engineer from Uppsala currently doing my M.Sc in materials sciences. My greatest interest lies […]