SensUs competition 2017 (Eindhoven)

Last weekend we flew to Eindhoven to attend to SensUs contest 2017.

General atmosphere at the contest on Friday

On Friday 8th September was quite hectic: we were doing measurements for almost 3 hours, explaining the theorbehind our biosensor in the “market” area and we had two pitches (technical and translational).

Taking measurements using our biosensor 

Saturday 9th September was also exciting and full of events.  We had the opportunity to share our work with other students, researchers and participants in the contest in the “market” area and we gave a popular science pitch about our biosensor.


“Market” area with our posters



We had the pleasure to listen to a great talk by Dr. Khayat and finally the awards ceremony. Go to and read more about the winning teams But we have to mention it… we were super happy to WIN the CREATIVITY AWARD.

    Receiving our award

Progress Progress Progress

Today, we finally got the ADC running on the digital board from a SW point of view . We are using the TI … secret … until the competition. We are struggling with some address problems of the I2C, which caused some severe problems on the bus, that made the SW fail.

The housing also has been optimized for FDM manufacturing and now it worked out. We even have metal threads to be able to mount the lids tightly on the box.

New Housing Going to Be Sent into Production

The new housing is designed and is going to be sent into production. As we measure light intensity a high-sophisticated design to keep as much light from the surrounding away from the sensor is crucial for the project success.

The old housing got to small and also the plastic used was not sufficient to keep all the light out. In contrast to the old housing the new one takes advantage of screwed lids, which are sealed with o-rings from a local company (Dione in Uppsala). Moreover everything is supposed to be accessible easily since every side can be opened.