“SensUs is not only a competition but a lifetime experience”

Participants 2019

SensUs being freestyle course in nature gives student flexibility to learn beyond the scope of a conventional course offered by the Uppsala University

Fawad Ahmad, currently working at Peratech

SensUs was a lot of fun and I made friends with people I would have not met otherwise

Triinu Linkgreim, currently doing projects for Uppsala Biotech companies

From ambitious teamwork in an international setting to a glimpse on how science is applied and brought to the market, SensUs has it all

Luis Silva, doing his PhD in chemistry at Uppsala University

SensUs has given me the wonderful opportunity to experience the development of a product from scratch and work in a truly international environment

Adarsh Tewari, master thesis at Uppsala University

SensUs provided a fun, challenging and unique opportunity to yourself design and build a biosensor

Therese You, master Thesis project at University of Tokyo

Participants 2018

Such experience should be a part of any student’s CV, as it fills the gap between pure academic career and professional one

Adnan AlBaba, currently doing a research internship at KU Leuven

SensUs taught me a multitude of lessons, from team coordination to individual scientific improvement

Ken Braesch-Andersen, currently looking for a PhD position

This is a unique experience for looking beyond your own field of study, since the project thrives from the exchange between disciplines and learning from each other

Tobias Mages, PhD student at Uppsala University

Being in SensUs was a very enrichment experience for my carrier

Edith Lopez Romero, Biosensor Designer in Mexico

Participants 2017

To me, SensUs opened up a whole new world, the world of biotech, which is not only an emerging market, but also a topic, that really propels the evolution of affordable healthcare in this 21st century

Maximilian Stiefel, responsible for designing the electronic architecture of a scalable liquid handling product platform at Tecan (Switzerland)

SensUs is more than a biosensors competition between university teams from around the Globe

Anna Blasi, PhD student in Nanotechnology at Uppsala University

SensUs was not only a great project to apply the skills acquired in my studies, but also because of the inter-disciplinary nature of the project which  provided me with knowledge in fields that I would have otherwise not had the chance to get

Elmar van Rijnswou, currently working at one of the larger semiconductor companies on security topics in Europe as Verification and Integration Test Engineer

Participants 2016

SensUs gives life to a biosensor that will most likely improve the quality of human’s life

Silvia Vicenzi, PhD student at the University of Tasmania