Team members 2020

Uppsense Team 2020 -Ångström uppsala universitet
  • Hi, I’m Cédric. I got my bachelor’s degree in Bioscience Engineering in Belgium. Now I am studying Applied Biotechnology at Uppsala University. I am very interested in new technologies, especially where biotech meets healthcare. I have always wanted to be involved in the development of new solutions for our society. The opportunity for me to participate in the SensUs Student Competition is in that way excellent to share, learn and grow within a talented team
  • Hej, I am Luise from Germany and I study Industrial Management and Innovation. SensUs will give me the opportunity to learn and create something new with other knowledge driven students.
  • Moin! I’m Daniel from Germany where I did a double Bachelor’s in Chemistry and physics. I came to Uppsala to continue with a Master’s degree in Bio- and Nanomaterials. I am excited to participate in SensUs and looking forward to finding solutions to make a good biosensor.
  • Hej, I’m Junyu Chen. I come from China. I’m doing my master of evolutionary biology in Uppsalal University. It’s my first time to work on a project with such a big team. All the members here are amazing and I’m sure I’ll have fun.
  • Hej, I am Florian. I did my Bachelor’s in chemistry in Germany and now I am doing my Masters in theoretical and computational chemistry here in Uppsala. I love solving all kinds of science-related problems and Sensus seems like a great opportunity to take on a complex challenge in a group of talented people.
  • My name is Anna Capria. I am from the US- specifically Upstate NY. I did my bachelors in Biomedical Sciences. My masters is in Medical Research. I am always interested in trying new things which is what brought me to SenseUs.
  • Hey I am Shruthi . I did my Bachelors degree in Computer Science from India. And currently pursuing Masters in Embedded Systems in Uppsala University. The idea of combining biology with wonders from the field of electronics and computer science has always been a topic of interest for me. Sensus seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to learn and experience from upclose.
  • Hey, I’m Carmen and I’m from Spain. I studied a Bachelor’s in Biotechnology in my home country. Now, I’m in my first year of a MsC in Bioinformatics in Uppsala University. SensUs seems like a great opportunity to work in a diverse team and explore my interest in biomedical research.
  • Ciao! My name is Francesca and I’m from Italy, where I got my bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. I am currently studying the second year of Master in Nanobiotechnology and I am here in Uppsala to finish all my exams and to do the Master thesis. I’ve been interested in biosensor since the first year of University, and what better occasion to participate in, thanks to SensUs?
  • Hi, I am Konstantinos from Greece. My bachelor’s studies were in Molecular Biology and Genetics. I came to Uppsala because I am enthralled with the use of knowledge into application in the field of Biology. That’s how I connected SensUs with my master’s program; I am eager to contribute a lot so the Uppsala Sensus’ team can achieve its goals.
  • Hi, my name is Viktor. I joined the SensUs Student Competition to get practical experiences in building biosensors. I’m from Sweden and have a background in biotechnological engineering and limited experience in electrical engineering as well.
  • Hello! My name is Gustav and I’m from Sweden. Currently I’m studying my bachelor’s degree in molecular biotechnology. To join the Uppsala Sensus team is an interesting oppertunity to learn about how to design devices with an end consumer in mind as well as applying theory from my program.
  • Hi! My name is Dianna and I’m from Sweden. I studied three bachelors (chemistry, biology/molecular biology and biomedicine) at Uppsala University and now I’m on my masters in biochemistry at Uppsala University. I have done a similar competition project with a diverse team before and I really appreciated how much I learnt in the process and the friends I got for life so I hope SensUs will give me even more good knowledge, friends and memories
  • Hey, I am Imali, a first year Master’s student in Molecular Medicine. I joined the SensUs research team as it provides me with a new line of thought into research and as I am really keen in gaining experience in working with a research team.
  • Hej, my name is Bono Jimmink. I am an enthusiastic chemist, and recently completed my bachelor’s degree, as well as an honours program in analytical science in The Netherlands. Currently, I am a master’s student in biochemistry at Uppsala University. I think SensUs is an innovative, complex and fun challenge to take on, and I am very pleased to be part of the motivated 2020s Uppsala team!